Saturday, July 29, 2006

The start of my Ballynahinch Art Project.

A couple of months ago, after leaving teaching, I decided that I needed to get back to my own art work. Since I was spending a lot of time in Ballynahinch (Co. Down, N. Ireland) I decided to create a series of drawing and paintings about the town, working from life.

My first painting was only a quick study in oils on canvas, completed in an afternoon, a view along High Street towards Dromore Street. However, the response to my working in the street, even for such a quick study, was very encouraging.

My next painting was a view along Main Street. The big shock here was that it was bought by someone, as a present, before it was even finished! In addition, I got a commission for another painting whilst I was working on this one.

“Main Street, Ballynahinch”, June 2006.
Oils on canvas, 30” x 20”.

“Stewart & Gibson, Main Street, Ballynahinch”, June 2006.
Oils on canvas, 24” x 18”.

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