Sunday, June 28, 2009

Go Figurative

My attention was recently drawn to a website for figurative artists called, "Go Figurative". I am not against abstract or conceptual art as such, but I do feel that much of this type of work has alienated the general public from art generally. Work which uses a "realistic" visual language has a much better chance of communicating to a wide audience, so it seems to me that a website promoting figurative art would be worth joining (which I have done).


Alice said...

The very reason that I have my own blog, The Figurative Artbeat is that I want to be able to showcase and explore art that I enjoy. It doesn't matter to me if the artist is famous, if the work is considered "true art" or not. I just want to gather together in one place work that I like to look at, that makes me laugh, or makes me think a different way. If someone else enjoys it, I'm happy. Maybe we should all just enjoy what's out there and forget about labels.
I've enjoyed looking at both your blogs, thank you.

Todd Camplin said...

However, according to many of my artists friends, professors, and a few off handed comments I have over heard at gallery openings; the figure can make people very uncomfortable. Even just non-nude figures interacting. Though this is not a scientific survey, I would beat this is common. My realist artist friends that do figures have the complant that people may like their art, but they don't like it enough to live with the work. I own a few realist figurative art through trades and I love living with the art.