Sunday, August 30, 2009

Originally published: Sunday, 3rd May 2009 in the Creative Collective Blog

James Millar, at The Whalley Gallery, Holywood, Co. Down.
James Millar, in front of one of his works.

Last Thursday, 30th April, I went to an exhibition of work by Jack Pakenham and James Millar at the Whalley Gallery, Holywood, Co. Down. I like the work by Pakenham, but my main reason for going was to renew a friendship with James Millar, with whom I had lost touch over the years when I was teaching in Cookstown.

I met James first when I was just about to leave art college in 1976 and I got to know him quite well (in 1978, I painted his portrait), but a few years after I had to move to Cookstown I lost touch. However, I still retain my admiration for his work. James was deeply interested in pyschology, particularly the work of C. G. Jung, and this has inspired much of his oeuvre. The show is of particular interest because it is exhibiting important pieces of his work from 1975 to the present. Of his more recent work, I particularly liked a linocut, “Circus Act II” (so did someone else, as it sold very promptly). James appears to be gradually acquiring the recognition he deserves, but I would still consider that his work is grossly under-valued - which makes it a good time to acquire some of his pieces!
"Circus Act II", by James Millar. 24 x 36 inches, linocut.

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