Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New Art Gallery!

To call this an Art Gallery may be a bit of an over-statement! What we are doing is using the area of the landings and stairs as a gallery space, open to the public.
This is just the way you come up from the ground floor. The blue door leads up to Dennis Crawford's picture framing premises, "Simply Frames", and the studios of Clinton Kirkpatrick and Pat Callaghan. The painting at the left is one of mine, then one of Pat's and a couple of Clinton's.
Coming up to the main, broad landing area, these are another two of my paintings. A door here leads to Jill Graham's jewellery business.
Next to the large window overlooking Market Square, three more of Clinton's paintings.
Next long wall, a couple of Pat's.
Heading up towards the second floor, this is some of Andrew Cranley's work.
Further up the flight of stairs to the second floor there is quite a bit of potential display space still being developed.
This is along the final stretch of corridor, to Andrew Cranley's studio and my own. These are a couple of my own paintings.

At the moment, the display of work is a bit haphazard, but this should improve. When we are properly organized, it could be a good idea to have some sort of open day, when members of the public could visit our studios, as well as the exhibition.

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