Saturday, April 15, 2017

Back on target!

I haven't blogged about my archery for a while because I am still getting used to my new bow. The first effect was that my poorer shots got worse, probably because it was harder to get a smooth release with the heavier bow. Then my muscles started to protest under the extra strain and, as I got sore, my accuracy suffered! I went down from one third of my shots being gold (or touching) to only a quarter!

Gradually my muscles have adjusted and now I am nudging 40% good shots. However, I find I am more accurate if I don't go to the full extent of my draw. I suspect that, at present, I am only pulling about 55lbs. However, that is now coming easily and I think that my draw length will naturally extend as my muscles adjust further.

The important aspect is that the bow now feels more natural to me. I find that I make corrections to my draw with less thought, whereas at first I was very aware of the extra strain.

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