Friday, November 09, 2018

Long delayed progress report!

There has been an overall improvement in my shooting. Using the system as discribed in my last post, comparing my average scores in April to that in October:

       Inner 10's:   4.73% -   7.25%
                 10's: 11.80% - 17.63%
       9's & 10's: 31.50% - 45.98%
8's, 9's & 10's: 54.63% - 72.65%

I changed to a recurve, take-down bow, but I have now ordered my first longbow. I suspect that I am over-straining the recurve bow as it seems to be designed for a draw of 28 inches and I have a 30 inch draw (it was a relatively cheap bow, so I really can't complain that it developed a small crack). 

The longbow will be much better quality and is something I have always really wanted. My experience with the other bows tells me that I should be able to handle the draw weight I want. The new bow is just heavy enough to be classified as a war bow at 70-75 lbs at a draw of 32 inches. However, at my usual draw of 30 inches it should be roughly what I am already used to.

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